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A View of the Wilderness

© 2007
BASID #771

Beth Ames Swartz
A View of the Wilderness
acrylic and mixed media on canvas
48" x 36" (1.22m x 0.91m)



(Du Fu, also Romanized as Tu Fu, 712 - 770 A.C.E, Chinese)

A View of the Wilderness

Snow is white on the westward mountains and on three fortified towns,
And waters in this southern lake flash on a long bridge.

But wind and dust from sea to sea bar me from my brothers;
And I cannot help crying, I am so far away.

I have nothing to expect now but the ills of old age.

I am of less use to my country than a grain of dust.

I ride out to the edge of town. I watch on the horizon,
Day after day, the chaos of the world.