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Sleepless Night

© 2006
BASID #699

Beth Ames Swartz
Sleepless Night
acrylic and paper on canvas
48" x 60" (1.22m x 1.52m)

(Du Fu, also Romanized as Tu Fu, 712 - 770 A.C.E, Chinese)

Sleepless Night

The chill of the bamboos has invaded my bedroom,
While the wild moonlight fills a corner of the front yard
Heavy dews form hanging drops;
A few stars flicker, now here, now there.
Flying in the dark, each firefly has a light for itself.
Resting on the water, birds call one to the other.
That everything about me is involved in war
Is my helpless thought as the clear night wastes away.

Hung William. Tu Fu: China’s Greatest Poet. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1952, 214, CCLVII.