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A lonely moon turns among the waves

© 2007
BASID #764

Beth Ames Swartz
A lonely moon turns among the waves
acrylic and paste on canvas
48" x 72" (1.22m x 1.83m)

Words in blue visible in painted frame

(Du Fu, also Romanized as Tu Fu, 712 - 770 A.C.E, Chinese)

Overnight in the Apartment by the River

While the evening here is approaching the mountain paths,
I come to this high-up chamber, very close to the Water Gate.,
Thin clouds rest on the edges of the cliffs;,
A lonely moon turns among the waves.,
A line of cranes in flight is silent;,
A pack of wolves baying over their prey breaks the quiet.,
I cannot sleep because I am concerned about wars,,
Because I am powerless to amend the world. ,


Hung William. Tu Fu: China’s Greatest Poet. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1952, pg. 231, CCLXXVII. [Written in K’uei-chou, c.766.]